Ciencias Computacionales

• 2007-2009, Master of Technology in Nanotechnology from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Noida, India.

• 2003-2005, Master of Science from Sambalpur University, Orissa, India.

• 2000-2003, Bachelors of Science in Physics from Government autonomous college, Rourkela, India.

• 1997-1999, Intermediate in Science (+2) from Ispat Vidyamandir, Rourkela, India.

• 1997, Matriculation from Sri Aurobindo’s Rourkela School, Rourkela, India.

Thesis & workshops

• Project, Fabrication of TCO for application in Dye-Sensitized solar cells (Postdoctoral research).

• Thesis (Ph.D), Study of Indium doped ZnO thin films by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis (Ph.D.).

• Thesis (M.tech), Effect of aging on the Fluorine doped Zinc oxide thin films deposited by Pneumatic spray technique ( M.tech.).

• Workshop, Solar cell fabrication and Installation of modules, IER-UNAM, May 2015.

• Workshop, A General Review on Micro and Nano Cantilevers and Their applications as Sensors (M.tech.).

• Summer Internship, Nanoparticles and their role in cancer therapy and drug delivery (M.tech.).

• Summer Internship, Role of ZnO in photocatalysis (M.tech.)

• Summer Internship, Fabrication and Characterization of Tungsten Field Emission Nanotips.(M.tech., 27th may 2008 - 1st August 2008, VECC, India)

Conferences/ Seminars

• IMRC 2016, Cancun, Mexico

• IMRC 2014, Cancun, August 16th-22nd.

• MRS-2013 Fall Meeting and Exhibit, Boston, US, 1st -6th December 2013.

• IMRC-2013, Cancun, August 11th -15th.

• Diffraction by backscattered electrons in SEM: Recent developments for characterization of materials, Instituto Mexicano del petróleo, Mexico, 2013.

• Annual conference of surface and materials (2011-12) organized by Mexican Society of Science and Technology.

Lectures and worshops imparted

• IER-UNAM, Solar photovoltaics (August 2016- December 2016).

• UTSJR, New horizons in Nanotecnology, Universidad Tecnología de San Juan del Rio, 2012.


• Materials Science & Engineering: B, Fluorine doped Zinc oxide thin films deposited by chemical spray, starting from Zinc Pentanedionate and hydrofluoric acid: Effect of the aging time of the solution. R. R. Biswal, S. Velumani, B.J.Babu, A. Maldonado, S. Tirado-Guerra, M. de la L. Olvera, Materials Science and Engineering: B,174, 1, 46-49, 2010.

• Materials, Formation of Indium-Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films using Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis: The Importance of the Water Content in the Aerosol Solution and the Substrate Temperature for Enhancing Electrical Transport. Rajesh Biswal , Luis Castañeda , Rosario Moctezuma , Jaime Vega-Pérez , María De La Luz Olvera and Arturo Maldonado, Materials, 5,3, 432-442, 2012.

• Materials, Indium doped zinc oxide thin films deposited by ultrasonic chemical spray technique, starting from zinc acetylacetonate and indium chloride. Rajesh Biswal, Arturo maldonado, Jaime Vega-Pérez, D. R. Acosta, María De La Luz Olvera, Materials 7 (7), 5038-5046, 2014.

• Materials, Cu-doped ZnO thin films deposited by sol-gel process using two Copper precursors: Gas-Sensing Performance in a Propane Atmosphere, Heberto Gómez-Pozos 1,*, Emma Julia Luna Arredondo 2, Arturo Maldonado Álvarez 2, Rajesh Biswal3, Yuriy Kudriavtsev2, and María de la Luz Olvera.

• IEEE, Effect of doping concentration and substrate temperature on the physical properties of indium-doped zinc oxide thin films. R. R. Biswal, A. Maldonado, M. de La L. Olvera, IEEE, CCE-2012, 1-7.

• IEEE, Electrical and optical properties of In-doped ZnO thin films via ultrasonic spray pyrolysis R. R. Biswal, A. Maldonado, M. de La L. Olvera, IEEE, CCE-2013, 407-410.

• IEEE, Optoelectronics properties of ZnO:In thin films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. R. R. Biswal, A. Maldonado, M. de La L. Olvera, IEEE, CCE-2014, 1-5.

• Submitted, Effect of water content in starting solution on characteristics of ultrasonic deposited ZnO:In films: a common trend for different indium precursors. R. R. Biswal, D. R Acosta, Arturo Maldonado, María De La Luz Olvera.

• Submitted, Undoped ZnO thin films deposited by ultrasonic spray technique: effect of the water content in the starting solution on the physical properties. R.R. Biswal, A. Maldonado, V.Sanchez-Resendiz, J.Vega-Perez, D.R. Acosta, M. de la L. Olvera.

• Submitted, Aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films, deposited by ultrasonic chemical spray, starting from zinc acetylacetonate and aluminum acetylacetonate. Rajesh Biswal, Arturo maldonado, Jaime Vega-Pérez, D. R. Acosta, María De La Luz Olvera.

Recognitions in India and Abroad

• Mexico, Medal of excellence in Taekwondo, December 2014, Moodukkwan Lindavista, Mexico city.

• Mexico, Third prize in best poster contest in International materials Research Congress, 2014, August 16th 22nd, Cancun, Mexico.

• United States, Second prize in Best “T-Shirt Design contest” in MRS-2013 Fall Meeting,1-6th December,2013, Boston, US.

• Mexico, Third prize in Taekwondo metropolitan Tournament 2013, September 14th, Mexico.

• Mexico, First prize in Taekwondo metropolitan Tournament 2013, March 16th, Mexico.

• India, Third prize for the Best seminarian organized by “The Science Society of Sambalpur University”, India.

• India, Third prize in 5000 meters and second in 1500 meters race in Annual Sports meet organized by “Sports Council of Sambalpur University”, India.

• India, Second prize in Debate competition organized by Brahmaputra Boys hostel, Sambalpur University, India.

• India, Several prizes on General Knowledge, and essay writing throughout the Academic career, India.

• India, Second Prize in G.K. competition conducted by National Talent Search Examination in Std. IX, India.

• India, 1st prize in All Orissa Inter-School Essay Competition on The Topic, “The Role of School Students in Literacy” in Std. VIII , India.

Deposition & Characterization techniques

• Fabrication of Dye sensitized solar cells.

• Synthesis of different metal, metal oxide & Semiconducting nanoparticles: Silver nanoparticles by different routes, Silver nanorods, Iron oxide nanoparticles, Cuprous oxide nanocubes, Titanium oxide, Cadmium sulphide nanoparticles, Nickel nanoparticles, Zinc oxide nanoparticles and Zinc sulphide nanoparticles.

• Synthesis of NIPAAM nanopolymers, graphene and carbon nanotubes by CVD method & its purification.

• Thin film sensors.

• Thin films of ZnO deposited by pneumatic and ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for TCO applications.

• Photocatalysis using nanoparticles.

Lab skills

• Ultrasonic Spray pyrolysis,Vacuum coating, Sputtering, CVD, Spin coating, Transmission electron microscopy, Scanning electron microscopy, Atomic Force microscope, I-V measurements, Ellipsometry, Photoluminescence, UV-VIS- Spectroscopy, Raman & IR spectroscopy.

Computer Skills

• MS-Office, Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint. / Web designing, 3d Modelling and Animation Basics.

• Programming, C and C++

• Scientific Software, Mathcad / Origin / AutoCAD / Materials Studio.

Interpersonal and leadership skills

• Interpersonal Skills, Effective verbal communication, self-management, problem solving, creative thinking, social awareness, high responsibility and accountability, flexibility.

• Leadership Skills, Competent, Independent and self-motivating, taking challenges, honest, focused, inspiring, sincerity and confidence, courage and passion to succeed.


• One Year and a half in Internet marketing and advertising (October 2005- April 2007).

• Entrepreneur and founder of BISCEL TECHNOLOGIES (2014).

Languages Known

• Advanced, English (fluent) / Hindi (native) / Oriya (mother tongue).

• Intermediate, Spanish (reading, writing and speaking).

• Beginner, German (reading, writing and speaking).

Hobbies and extracurricular activities

Reading scientific books and literatures, Dancing, Gardening, Yoga (Instructor), Thai martial arts, Taekwondo.

e-mail: rroshanb@itsm.edu.mx

Ciencias Computacionales